2024 Re-Inspire: A Spiritual Retreat in Greece

Merging the spiritual & playful essence within you

September 16th-25th 2024

What’s included:





Early Bird $4,677 (All inclusive)

($800 for single room supplement)

Save over 15% when you register by May 30th!

Be all of you as you explore the sacred lands of Greece!

Greece. The birthplace of modern civilization. Where so many of our ways of living in the west were birthed, refined and fought for. The rich history along with the hospitable modern culture, picturesque beaches, sun drenched days and fresh food make Greece one of the premiere destinations in the world.

There are hundreds of tours that you can take to Greece…

This experience is unlike anything you’ve ever been on before!

Hi, I’m Johnny Longinidis. A personal empowerment coach, breathwork trainer and spiritual retreat curator. I host spiritual retreats in my home state of Connecticut along with Egypt & Greece where I’ve made it my mission to guide leaders to live a life of purpose and inspiration. These retreats light me and my guests up more than anything I do.

 I am a first generation American. My father immigrated from Greece back in the 60’s to build a more stable life for his family here in the states. Many of my family still lives in Greece, where I visit often and continue to keep my roots nourished. I say this trip is unique because the itinerary has been curated by myself and my cousin, a lifetime native of Greece. With our local influence and familiarity of the land, language, history, culture and spiritual practices, you’ll be sure to have an experience that is ‘local’ flavored and infused with the spiritual essence that will awaken your divine nature.

The intention of this retreat is to experience Greece in ALL of her magic while exploring all of the magic within you. Greece invites you to be all of you.  She invites the deeply introspective, spiritual, heart led leader that you are. The playful, charismatic, fun loving soul ready to dance and find the simple pleasures of the slow paced, hospitable lifestyle modern Greece offers. 

You may be a spiritual seeker, curious explorer of the self, and of historic cultures.  You may be someone looking for other adventurous souls to immerse into conscious expanding conversations with while dancing the night away…

We’re here to hold the space for all of it. 

The invitation to be all of you is right here!

Your intuition will amplify…

Your community will expand…

Your heart will overflow…

Your inner child will be seen, heard and nurtured...

In the span of 8 nights, we will experience more of Greece than many do in a lifetime.  We’re not just outsiders hosting a trip to one of the greatest places on earth…this is our home.   And we’re inviting you to experience this once in a lifetime journey with us with open arms!

Early Bird $4,677 (All inclusive)

($800 for single room supplement)

Save over 15% when you register by May 30th!

Here’s what awaits you:

  • Evening tour of the Acropolis and museum: The symbol of Greece’s ingenuity, wisdom and the human potential. A spiritual tour of Greece is not complete without a visit to the Acropolis and its state of the art museum

  • 4 Night Stay at St George Lycabettus Athens: We bookend our trip with 2 nights at our deluxe hotel. Our stay hotel is situated in one of the nicest areas in Athens, Kolonaki with a nature hike right in our backyard. Enjoy breathtaking views of the city while dining on the rooftop lounge or pool

  • Delphi tour & overnight stay: The ‘navel of the ancient world’. Delphi was once considered to be the epicenter of the known world, widely known for it’s Oracles and priestesses prophesying world events influencing political decisions. Today, it still carries this magical essence along with it’s breathtaking rolling mountains and landscape.

  • Lefkada 4 night stay: Known for its picturesque beaches, landscape and laid back vibe, our 4 night stay in Lefkada will rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Our private villa sleeps 14 is the perfect environment to cultivate community and dive into deep self reflection. Situated near Ligia Village

  • Fresh Greek cuisine: Greece boasts one of the most vibrant cuisines in the world. With your local guides, expect to be served the freshest, ‘homemade’ recipes wherever we go. No tourist traps here!

  • Guided breathwork sessions: Release stagnant energy and awaken your inner senses. These breathwork sessions will open you up to more available energy within you and connect you deeper with the vortexes of this sacred land

  • And so much more...!

This Greece retreat is for anyone seeking to:

  • Experience Joy on your spiritual journey. Enjoy the spontaneity of a joyful spiritual experience!

  • Experience the ‘local’ flavor of Greece while being a tourist

  • Amplify Your Intuition. Our breathwork, meditation and intentional practices through sacred land will amplify your intuitive senses

  • Connect Authentically: Cultivate conscious relationships with conscious individuals for meaningful connections.

  • Learn the history of the sacred sites & Greek mythology from our expert guides through our private tours throughout Greece

  • Experience life as an adventure

You may come as an individual...

You will leave as family!

Early Bird $4,677 (All inclusive)

($800 for single room supplement)

Save over 15% when you register by May 30th!

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