Re-Inspire & Release Breathwork

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Thursday, June 20, 2024

11am to 1pm EST

We can retrace most of our ailments back to a build up of unexpressed stress. We live in a

society where expressing our emotions is often discouraged and suppressed.

Suppressed Emotions = Depression & Dis-ease

Through Re-Inspire & Release Breathwork, we create an environment where the access to

long held emotions stuck within the body can be released. To get our nervous system out of

the trauma response, we must allow it to fully cycle through the emotions needed to bring it

out of a contracted state. Expression of these emotions is paramount. Once expressed, the

nervous system receives the signal that it is safe to let go of the constriction. We can

rewrite a new story.


First and foremost, we create a safe and nurturing environment. From a comfortable

physical setting to follow up integration calls, support is at the forefront of an impactful

experience. Johnny brings his expertise to the space and meets every client where they're at.

Giving every person an opportunity to be seen, heard and nurtured is optimal. Permission

to engage in a session at your own pace with the understanding that Johnny and his staff

will support you before, during and after.


Our breath is directly linked to our central nervous system. Each breath we take brings us

closer to either a sympathetic (fight, flight or freeze) or parasympathetic state (rest & digest).

Utilizing Conscious Connected Breathing is one of the most effective breathing techniques

that enables us to access the deepest layers of our nervous system and subconscious. It’s a

breathing pattern that encourages a change in our being. Working with an experienced

facilitator in the proper set and setting will produce an environment where one can relax

into the sensations, feelings and thoughts that arise to ultimately be breathed through and

expressed out.

Through our 60 minute session, we utilize a breathing method that will first activate our

system and highlight areas within our body that are needing to release suppressed emotions.

We close out the session by slowing things down, filling our psyche in with affirmations

and feelings that fill up this new found space with positivity.

Oftentimes, we are mentally unaware of which past experience we are processing, we are

simply releasing it from the body. That’s the beauty of this method.

We can create all the affirmations, positive self talk and movement practices we desire.

Unless our nervous system is out of survival mode and in a state of receiving, our growth

will be limited.

Having trained with some of the leading organizations/facilitators in the world of

breathwork, from Dan Brule, Steven Jaggers, Steve Maxwell, The Oxygen Advantage,

Johnny has developed a methodology that he feels is the most effective to release stuck

emotions safely and powerfully.

Permission to feel and fully express is encouraged in this space.

We provide the freedom and permission to express out any emotions held in the body.


Re-Inspire & Release Breathwork is for people dedicated to aliveness and who desire to

live fully in mind, body and spirit. Maybe this is a way of living you’ve envisioned

yourself embodying, but something out of your awareness continues to get in your way.

This may very well be the bridge between the gap of despair and prosperity.




Re-Inspire & Release Breathwork can result in intense physical and emotional release. If

you have any of the following ailments, it’s not advised that you participate in a session:

***Pregnant women should consult their primary care physician

***Person’s with asthma should bring their inhaler and consult with their primary care physician.

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Thursday, June 20, 2024

11am to 1pm EST